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Releasedate: 11.03.2011
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Read more...Adriano Filippucci started his musical career at the age of 6, starting out by learning to play piano before, and the art.....more
Read more... Teenager Agnès fancied weird and dark things; many of my influences come from the time when my walkman played Scorn, J Saul .....more
Read more...Dj and Producer born in 1976.Aldo Cadiz is without a doubt one of the leading producers of electronic underground in Chile.......more
Read more...When talking about the skills of being a great DJ, the name Alex should definitely crop up in conversation.....more
Read more...In 2006 the story of Andomat 3000 begun, the collaboration with his friend Jan originated in this year. Since then Andreas Wiegand aka.....more
Read more... After spending several years producing and performing electronic music on their own, Diego and Andrea meet up in the late 90s and decide .....more
Read more... Den ersten Kontakt mit elektronischer Musik hatten Nedzad Berovic & Frank Leicher aus Flörsheim am Main (Frankurt) ende der neunziger.Stark beeinflusst durch.....more
Read more...Always on the look out for new sounds and fresh music, the sets of this french-born berlin-based dj are fine example of what.....more
Read more...Djs and producers from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.As we deejays about 10 years, producing 2. Our style is very versatile depending on the room......more
Read more...In the late 80s Chris got two Technics Turntables and a Mixer as birthday present from his parents. Since than he seemed to be grown together with them.....more
Read more...Coco Malente, who is originally called Felizitas Mambele, saw the light of day in a small village in the north of Nigeria where she spent her childhood years. After losing .....more
Read more...Dana, born in Gera has been long in the music career.After engaging herself in several kinds of music, including singing.....more
Read more...Schon im zarten Alter von 3 Jahren hatte „Der Schmeisser“ sehr viel Spaß an Musik . Mit 12 Jahren war es so weit und er kaufte.....more
Read more...Living high among a forest of skyscrapers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Franco Di Lorenzo (a.k.a. Dilo and Elephant Pixel) works.....more
Read more...In his teenage years Franklin played drums in different bands ranging from metal to bigband sound. Meanwhile he made.....more
Read more...Gonzalo Urtizberea a.k.a. Gurtz approached electonic and digital music towards the end of the 90s through the use of different.....more
Read more...Formerly Marco Donato and Federico Marton, both born in the middle of the 70s' in Italy. "When you realise that if there isn't a move.....more
Read more... Klein aber fein,wie manche behaupten, kämpft sich dieser junge Musikakrobat durch den Dschungel der stets wachsenden Vinylberge, um zur Lichtung des .....more
Read more...Jeremias Werner was born near Munich in 1978 and grew up in different parts of Germany. Even during his childhood the now.....more
Read more...Started collecting electronic music oriented records at the age of 17, djing at the age of 18, when she played as a guest dj at one of the biggest.....more
Read more...The "Lazy Mouth" project, brought to life by Jean-Daniel Tömör & Thomas Tietz, primarily wants to express their passion for electronic music culture, to present.....more
Read more...From Deep house to techno, Lucas Keizer's DJ sets and production stay forward thinking and un predicta Lucas is originally from Jakarta Indonesia.....more
Read more...Mark-Henning is an artist living a dual existence; by day working amongst the suits as a database managing corporate whore, but by night .....more
Read more...All my life was surrounding by music. At 15 years old i discover the house music, the New York and Detroit scene......more
Read more...Men in Trees aka Jürgen Tharau and Alex Valera are the driving force behind the evolving Aachen based record  label, Audio Parish.......more
Read more...Miskate is Kate Iwanowicz.Originally a pittsburgh dj, she held down various residencies in that area.She received a degree in anthropology.....more
Read more...Formed by Jaycee (Nutown.Project) and Katie_m (K.atou), this project is the realization of endless hours of discussions between them about the magic.....more
Read more...Tassilo Ippenberger (Tas Toyo), born at lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, is a passionate DJ , meets Thomas Benedix, from Templin. Both new to Berlin, they sign.....more
Read more...The Hamburg-City boy Denis Karimani, born in 1983, started making electronic music at the age of 13 years and got addicted .....more
Read more...Seuil visited our electronic world last year and said hello with a series of great releases. Many people didn’t hesitate to say that was.....more
Read more...Born in Dublin Ireland, raised gypsy style in southern Spain,Sian has worked in music since he can remmember. His first releases include downtempo.....more
Read more...I've been making music since i was 14, started playing drums, bass in some crappy bands.Got into electronic music with one.....more
Read more...The female soundmechanic Soukie discovered her devotion for minimalistic music at club A.R.M. in 2002. However much later in 2007 she .....more
Read more...Rico Henschel was born in Berlin in 1980 and at the end of this eventful first decade of his existence his hometown.....more
Read more...At age 12, Violeta Torres developed her musical taste listening to depeche mode, new order, information society and camouflage, among other bands.....more

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1x1_58.gif Einmaleins059
Aldo Cadiz & A.Filippucci
All In One EP EP

Releasedate: 2011

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Digital Only
1x1_Extra_027.gif Einmaleins Extra027
Back On Track EP

Releasedate: 11.03.2011

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