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This page gives you details about how we work.
If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please contact us:


1. Upload your music 

Please let us know the format in which you want to receive the mastered tracks. You can order one WAV format and one MP3 format. There's no extra charge for ordering both.

Send your tracks to us in WAV or AIFF format. They must be 44.1k 16bit or better. If you're sending 44.1k files, 24bit is preferable as the quality is noticeably better. 

Please send your files via using Sendspace or YouSendit to:


Don`t forget to send your "Name" and "E-Mail" adress.

The upload limit is 2GB which should befine for most situations. If your total upload size is bigger than 2 Gb then just use multiple uploads. 

If you're sending several tracks it would be best to send as a zip file.

We don't accept MP3, WMA or any other compressed fileformat.

Should I limit or compress my mixes?

Many producers like to mix through a compressor,to achieve a certain sound. As a rule of thumb, however, we advise not to use alimiter on the mix bus – even if used minimally.
We use very high quality dynamic tools. When usedproperly in mastering, these tools guarantee the best possible sound quality,the shortest signal paths and minimal side-effects with highest levels.
To put it plainly: Even if for certain purposesyou do some pre-mastering of your mixes, the files without the pre-mastering will make the best basis for mastering.

2. We master your music

When we receive your tracks we'll send you an email letting you know when your track will be mastered. This will usually be within 3 - 5 days. We'll do our best to carefully follow any special instructions you may have given us.

3. You receive copies for approval

Once the tracks are mastered you'll be sent a download link so you can audition the mixes. These will be 44.1k 16bit and will usually be the first 2minutes of the track. We want you to be happy with your mastered tracks, ifyou're not satisfied with the result we will make revisions to meet your requirements. The first revision will be carried out free of charge. Any subsequent revisions will be charged at standard rate

4. Pricing for Wav & MP3

Mastering per Track 35 Euro plus 19% VAT

Delivery of Wav & MP3 Files "FREE"

5. Pay by PayPal and receive the masters

At the same time that you receive the download link for approving the mixes you will also receive a PayPal invoice. Settlement of the invoice will indicate that you are happy with the mastering and once we're notified that ithas been paid (PayPal gives almost immediate notification) then you'll be sent a link to download the full versions.


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