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Releasedate: 11.03.2011
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    To Remain
    Kill Your Cat Frankline De Costa - Two Remain One
Franklin de Costa started as a drum player when he was just a teenager, in bands ranging from metal to big-band sound. He began producing music in his father home studio. Also known as R-Type or Tichy he produced techno music and released it on labels like: Propaganda, Karmarouge Noir, Trapez, Overdrive and the last one is Einmaleins, a German label from Berlin. Two Remain One EP has two tracks that fit perfect into the labels philosophy. Tech-house, minimal and techno: To Remain and Kill Your Cat.
A side: To Remain has a groovy bass-line as a skeleton, over which the producer constantly builds up new sounds, but never to many. It’s just like he’s creating order thru a bunch of naughty modulated overtones. It’s perfect for clubs at a peek hour.On the other side we have a more dynamic track called Kill Your Cat. With the help of a powerful deep bass Mr. De Costa has created a bouncy rhythm surrounded by some nice snares. With a minimal composition this track is forcing you to dance.Franklin De Costa has released another great EP., capable of creating chaos on any dance floor. He is a producer we want to keep an eye on.

I-DJ Magazine : Franklin De Costa - Two Remain One
Einmaleins have been storming ahead lately with a solid string of dark, brittle club tracks. Franklin De Costa picks up the baton with aplomb here, deftly layering abstract touches over complex but instinctively danceable grooves. ‘To Remain’ whirrs and fizzes with malicious intent, while ‘Kill Your Cat’ employs a sickeningly growling bassline to knock the dancefloor sideways.

Big Shot Magazine : Franklin De Costa - Two Remain One
Here to bang out a two-track killer, Mr. De Costa creates a polyrhythmic palate of funk and randomness. Metallic hits, washes and audio silliness add a mental abduction for ring-modulated synth interludes, as the track peaks into a sound similar to that of a machine shop run amuck. With unexpected timing ringing through as the theme, this headstrong piece defines maddening minimalism.

Raveline Magazin : Franklin De Costa - Two Remain One
Zwei funky Tracks mit einer reichen Fülle an hauptsächlich metallenen Geräuschfrickeleien, wodurch manche jetzt mit Sicherheit vorschnell von einem Tool reden werden. Sicherlich sind beide Nummern nicht so aussagekräftig wie seine kürzlich erschienene und recht fies stechende "Coxtone EP" aber die Füße werden auch bei diesen sympatischen Groovern nicht in den Stillstand verfallen - und das ist letztendlich ja das Entscheidende. Probehören lohnt sich jedenfalls.

De:Bug: Franklin De Costa - Two Remain One
Zwei Tracks, auf denen Franklin noch mehr als bei seinen bisherigen Releases seine Vorliebe für verspielt vertrackte Sounds ausbauen kann und dabei fast unerwartet nüchtern den Groove laufen lässt. Eine EP, die sogar nicht drängend wirkt, aber dennoch einen unheimlichen Funk entwickelt und vor allem bei gesteigertem Zuhören immer mehr facetten zeigt. Fast ein soundmalerisch bedächtiges Release für Einmaleins, aber mehr als willkommen.Bleed •••••
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